Ask Kazuki The Ampharos


And here we have it! Electric types!

Favourite Pokémon: Ampharos!

2nd Favourite Pokémon: Lanturn!

Cutiepatootie: Pachirisu!

I was tossing about on pachirisu, raichu and joltik as cutest, but I decided to take pachirisu.

Okay, that was that. Have fun with life!

(Awww thats so sweet of you! You’re my favorite too! I wish I saw this sooner.)

I apologize to everyone else who wanted a K picture. It was another attempt to try to kick-start my inspiration to draw, but again it didn’t work out very well.

I think you know who I want the K from eue

imageThere it is!

What I didn’t say before was that the character you kiss with is also randomized.

21: Kiss in the rain

I should have all these done in the next 3 to 2 days. Thanks everyone.

i want the K ouo

"What do mean you can’t just lift the floaty thing!? I can’t kiss your collar like this!"

11: Collar Bone

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number








  • 1: Hot, Steamy kiss
  • 2: Cheek Kiss
  • 3: Nose Kiss
  • 4: Forehead Kiss
  • 5: Firm Kiss
  • 6: Gentle Peck
  • 7: Romantic Kiss
  • 8: Eyelid Kiss
  • 9: Jawline Kiss
  • 10: Neck Kiss
  • 11: Collarbone Kiss
  • 12: Chest Kiss
  • 13: Stomach Kiss
  • 14: Kiss Along the Hips
  • 15: Back Kiss
  • 16: Upside-Down Kiss
  • 17: Goofy Kiss
  • 18: Underwater Kiss
  • 19: Forceful Kiss
  • 20: Any of the Above
  • 21: Kiss in the Rain
  • 22: Then there’s tongue   

Cause why not~


Guys, I’m making a Pokemon comic with the whole pokemon ask fandom either being a main character or a cameo.

Please like this giving me permission to use your characters as a cameo.

Please reblog giving me permission to give your character a speaking part.

"What's your favorite move, Kazuki-san ?"


"It would definitely have to be fire punch. It leaves a nice burn on anyone who tries to steal from us so I can recognize them."

14 for Kazuki!

"Don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall don’t fall"

14- Doing something they don’t normally do


(Unfortunately these arn’t making me feel better like I thought they would, keep sending them though because maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow)