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A short talk about pokken

1: To the people saying “I hope it comes out on consoles” Stop hoping. All non american fighting out in arcade first (or at least the same time as the console version). It will be on WiiU later.

2: To the people saying “I hope it comes out on PC” Its a namco fighting game AND a NINTENDO game. Just give up like right now. Quit. You’ll be better for it.

3: To people saying “I hope it will come out in America” Its a fucking pokemon fighting game OF COURSE it will come out in America. We’re not talking about Daemon Bride. Jeez. We have translated fightin games lately that aboslutly no one thought was likely to come in english (Aquapazza and Under Night in Birth)

4: To people asking about about Pikachu or whatever pokemon you want. Odds are if its not bipedal, or if it has really tiny limbs (like pikachu) It probably won’t be in the game. Its really hard to make enough normals for more animal like characters especially if there’s more than one, and its not Smash where every character only needs  4 ground normal attacks and 4 air ones. So stuff like pikachu? Unlikely. The game is very likely to be majority fighting types and any pokemon that are human enough in structure.

(the last one is mostly speculation)

(edit, my speculation was wrong. Pokken confirmed to have accomplished having non humaniod pokemon by getting rid of the fighting game staple of High/low mixups)


"Ya know what screw it, you can live. You’re fucking disgusting!"

As of today I am 19 and I am compeltely enrolled in university with ID and all that.

I am become powerful!

(This is probably easier to read if you go to my blog and enlarge it)

Does there tend to be a blood warning on your blog?

Oh right I forgot to do that. I didn’t occur to me sense it wasn’t coloured. Anyway not too often. Though I have an (artistic) atraction to blood. There’s something really beautiful about a bright crimson liquid leaving the body, or sometimes its less bright and more almost black but still interesting.

Anyway yeah I have to use it now and again. I’ll go add a tag to the previous preview.

Since its been a while. here’s some line art for what should be done tomorrow.

Since its been a while. here’s some line art for what should be done tomorrow.


Start with me you chalky bastard!


i’d say it’s 1:1 your style

prolly nsfw idk

Good job you sharky bastard

I don’t feel so hot drawing today, so I kinda just doodled this one out.

I believe the appropriate tags are in place